Life Support Rebate

I need assistance with Life Support Rebate

What is it?

The Life Support Rebate is available on electrically-operated life support equipment (as prescribed by an ACT medical practitioner) necessary in the treatment of a life-threatening condition. The entitlement provides eligible individuals with a rebate on their electricity account. The annual rebate amount for 2017-2018 is $121.87. This will be applied to the eligible applicant’s electricity bill as a daily rate of approximately 33.389 cents per day. Only one Life Support Rebate can be claimed per household.
Residential property owners using life support equipment which depends on a fresh supply of water may be entitled to a reduction in water usage charges.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility is determined by the energy provider. However, as a general guideline the life support equipment must be prescribed by an ACT medical practitioner for the treatment of a life-threatening condition.
A sub-category of the Life Support Rebate is for concession card holders with an eligible condition requiring medical heating and/or cooling.

Eligible equipment

The following electrically-operated life-support equipment entitles the applicant to an electricity life-support rebate:

  • dialysis machine
  • oxygen concentrator
  • respirator
  • CPAP regulator
  • longstay life support
  • nebuliser
  • LS reference
  • TPN device
  • other apparatus subject to approval.

How do I apply?

Contact your energy provider for information on how to apply for a Life Support Rebate. You will be asked to produce a letter from your medical practitioner/authorised medical officer stating your need for life support equipment. Registered Providers of Energy under for the Life Support Rebate are:

  • ActewAGL Retail
  • Origin
  • EnergyAustralia

Who runs it?

ACT Revenue Office


ACTEW AGL Ph: 13 14 93
For information on the Life Support Rebate see ActewAGL Website

Origin Ph: 13 23 56
For information on the Life Support Rebate see Origin Energy Website

Energy Australia Ph: 13 34 66
For information on the Life Support Rebate see EnergyAustralia Website