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Updated May 2018

What is it?

The Child, Youth and Family Services Program (CYFSP) provides an integrated and collaborative, child centred and family focused service system which meets the needs of vulnerable children, youth and families in our community.
The CYFSP brings together the services and supports that were previously provided separately under the Youth Support Program and Family Support Program.
Services covered include:

  • Child, Youth and Family Gateway - Information, Engagement and Coordination Service
  • Network Coordination Services
  • Case Management Activities
  • Group Programs
  • Youth Engagement Services
  • Intensive Intervention Service
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Service
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Youth Engagement Services
  • Young Carers and their Families Engagement and Support Service

Who is eligible?

The primary users of the services are vulnerable children and young people (pre-natal to 17 years) and their families who have risk factors present and who:

  • are not strongly engaged with their support systems (family and social networks and primary and secondary services); and
  • require additional supports to strengthen their support systems and their engagement with them; and/or
  • have additional needs that are not being met by their support systems.

How do I apply?

Children, young people and families can approach any CYFSP service provider or call the numbers below to receive assistance to access services.

Who runs it?

The Community Services Directorate.


Toll free number: 1800 176 468