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Updated April 2012

What is it?

The Salvation Army Moneycare is a free and confidential financial counselling service.
The financial counsellors will:

  • analyse and assess your financial situation,
  • give you information about credit and debt issues,
  • involve you in the process as much as possible,
  • work with you to develop a plan to improve your situation,
  • if appropriate, act as an advocate for you and negotiate with the people you owe money to,
  • refer you to other assistance if necessary.

Please note that Moneycare does not lend money or provide material aid. If you need financial assistance, please contact a Salvation Army Community Services Centre near you.

Who is eligible?

This service is open to anyone having financial difficulties, for example, if you are:

  • having difficulty paying debts,
  • being harassed by creditors or debt collectors,
  • facing legal action regarding your debts,
  • dealing with car repossession,
  • worried about being evicted from your home,
  • having budgeting problems.

Who runs it?

The Salvation Army.


The Salvation Army Moneycare Canberra
4 Hawdon Place
Ph: (02) 6247 3635
Web: The Salvation Army Moneycare Canberra
If you are not located near a Moneycare office we will try and help you by phone, mail, fax and/or email.