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Updated April 2012

What is it?

If you are unemployed, Newstart Allowance can provide financial support while you are looking for work.

Who is eligible?

You may be eligible for Newstart Allowance if you:

  • are aged 21 years or over, and under Age Pension age;
  • are looking for paid work;
  • are prepared to enter into an Employment Pathway Plan;
  • meet activity test requirements; and
  • are not involved in industrial action.

How do I apply?

You do not have to fill in a claim form forNewstart Allowance.

However, you must register an intent to claim for Newstart Allowance. This means you can get your payment from the earliest possible date.
You can register an intent to claim by sending Centrelink a secure online message, phoning Centrelink on 13 28 50, or by visiting any Centrelink Customer Service Centre.

If you cannot phone Centrelink yourself, someone else can phone on your behalf, so you can register your intent to claim as soon as possible.
When you have registered your intent to claim, a Centrelink Customer Service Adviser will contact you to ask you some questions relating to your circumstances to help assess your entitlement.

Who runs it?



Find your nearest Centrelink Customer Service Centre.
Ph: 13 28 50
Web: Centrelink - Newstart Allowance