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Updated November 2016

What is it?

Legal Aid ACT helps people in the ACT with legal matters, especially those who are socially or economically disadvantaged. Legal Aid ACT can help in Criminal Law, Family Law and Civil Law matters.

Free legal information sessions are available on divorce, property and children settlements, as well as DUI/Licensing matters.

Legal Aid ACT runs an employment law clinic, a small business law clinic and a migration clinic. Legal Aid ACT has an Aboriginal Liaison Officer and a Cultural Liaison Officer to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people where English is their second language are given support. People with a legal problem can request a free 30-minute appointment which is not means tested.

Legal Aid ACT also has a Family Violence Officer who can provide non-legal support in instances of family violence.

For more information on Legal Aid ACT services visit the What We Do page on their website.

Who is eligible?

Legal Aid ACT focuses on giving legal advice to people who need it most, including people who are: socially and economically disadvantaged; unable to seek help from a private lawyer or; who don't have any other way to get legal help.

Who runs it?

Legal Aid ACT

How do I apply?

Call Legal Aid ACT on the Helpline 1300 654 314 or you can drop in to the Legal Aid ACT office.


Legal Aid ACT
Ground Floor, 2 Allsop Street
GPO Box 512

Appointments (02) 6243 3411
Free Legal Advice 1300 654 314

Fax: (02) 6243 3435

Web: Legal Aid ACT