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Updated March 2019

What is it?

The Low Vision Aids Scheme provides a subsidy to eligible ACT residents who suffer from a range of degenerative eye conditions. The maximum subsidy under the scheme is $100 every two years.

Who is eligible?

Eligible individuals for the scheme must be residents of the ACT and hold a Pension Concession Card from either Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs, or a Centrelink Health Care Card, which the holder has been entitled to for three months or more. Dependants of card holders are also entitled to assistance under the Scheme if their name appears on the card.

How do I apply?

Your optometrist or one of the registered providers listed below can provide application forms. Once the application form has been completed the provider will process the application with the ACT Revenue Office.

Who runs it?

ACT Revenue Office


ACT Revenue Office
PO Box 293
PH: (02) 6207 0028 - Select Option 5, Sub Option 2 – Spectacles Subsidy
Email: concessions@act.gov.au

Registered Providers: Vision Australia
Suite 1a, 3 Sydney Avenue
Ph: (02) 6132 5800 or 1300 84 74 66