Managing cost of living expenses can be a challenging task for some people. Those people on the lowest incomes are often eligible for benefits and pensions but did you know that even if you do not come into this category there is still a great deal of advice and help available?

This website aims to make it easy for you to find out what assistance and advice you might be eligible for by putting this information in one place and in an easily understood way. It pulls together information from across the ACT and Australian governments and some community organisations in the ACT.

As well as providing you with information, this website can help you work out what assistance you might be eligible for and who to contact to get more information.

The information will be monitored and updated and we always welcome your feedback.

How to Use this Site

What is it?

One stop website:
People looking for support to help with cost of living pressures can be overwhelmed by the available assistance or not know exactly where to look.

That’s why the ACT Government developed the ACT Assistance website.

ACT Assistance is one source of ACT and Commonwealth funded programs. It helps people discover what’s available and where they can find further details.

Critical Support Tool:
The website was developed for use by the community. It has been designed to be used as a tool for support workers when supporting clients in financial stress.

ACT Assistance can be searched through the:

  • ‘I am’ option - based on personal characteristics or circumstance; or
  • ‘I need’ option - for specific types of assistance;
  • A-Z Assistance Index search function - listing all factsheets; or
  • search function for either the Assistance site, ACT Government Services or ACT Government sites; or
  • assistance ‘fat footer’ at the bottom of a page which lists assistance categories.

Website users will find the assistance information they need by searching any of these methods.

Know and Distribute the Products
It is important people know about the ACT Assistance website to provide assistance information to the community.

Factsheets are easy to print and provide to clients. Service delivery organisations are encouraged to have the factsheets on display where clients and the general public can access them, either in a waiting room or client counselling area.

Comments and Information Gaps
We welcome your comments on the information and functionality of ACT Assistance website to address any new information needs.

You may wish to include your contact details so that a directorate officer can respond.

Use the Canberra Connect online feedback system available in the ‘Contact Us’ section to submit questions, comments, complaints and suggestions.

Who runs it?

The ACT Government maintains the website.


There is contact information provided for each of the programs and concessions detailed on the site. These contact details should be used for enquiries about specific concessions and programs.

For general enquiries about the site please contact Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.